Sequence valves with integradted check valve
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Sequence valves


Sequence valve
as valve combination


Directly-controlled sequence valve
threaded type
with G1/4 threaded port



Directly-controlled sequence valve
for manifold connection with O-ring


The sequence valves are used in the clamping hydraulics as a directly controlled sequence valve. The compact design allows space-saving installation directly in the fixture. The sequence valve is a poppet valve which operates without leakage oil compared to a spool valve. The inlet and outlet pressures of the sequence valves are always identical. As a result this type of valve is ideal for use in sequence control systems. With single-acting cylinders, only one supply line from the pressure supplier (see data sheet 430-1) is required for operation. The design allows valve combinations that can be flanged together to form a block using a common P-connection and standard parts.


Special features:
  • space-saving installation options

  • quick installation due to flange

  • ideal for pressure sequence control

  • operation with one supply line possible

  • valve combinations possible

  • Integrated check valve

Valve combinations:

Combinations of sequence valves are assembled from an inlet valve (P) and a maximum of four flange-mounted series valves. These are supplied with pressure oil through holes. Sealing between the valve housings is provided by O-rings. In order to ensure proper functioning with sequence controls, there should be a certain minimum pressure difference from valve to valve..


The drawing shows symbolically a clamping device as it can be used e.g. in manufacturing. When pressure is applied, the single-acting cylinder [1] clampes.

When the set opening pressure has been reached, the inlet valve [A1] opens and actuates the swing clamp [2].

The support element [3] clamps the support piston as soon as the opening pressure in the series valve [A2] is reached. 


The series valve [A3] actuates the swing clamp [4] to complete the clamping process.

When the device is released, the pressure oil flows back to the pressure generator via the integrated check valves.





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