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Here you will find our catalogued range of high-quality hydraulic components, coupling systems and clamping technology. We also design and manufacture special parts according your requirements. If you have questions about our products, please call a technical consultant.

We selected these products for you.

Build-in pistons with threaded bushing

product image The built-in piston is a subassembly which
is integrated directly into the fixture body.
It consists of a piston, a threaded bushing
and all seals. The build-in piston works
hydraulically double-acting. This enables
pushing forces and pulling forces.
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Pull cylinders with reset spring

product image Pull cylinders are suitable for smaller plants
which are tact-independent. A vent line can
be additionally connected to the housing.
Pull cylinders are available in various
designs with threaded port and manifold
connection with O-rings.
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Universal cylinders with reset spring

product image The universal cylinder is suitable to process
changing work pieces with variable sizes
in one clamping fixture. The cylinder can
be directly installed into the fixture body.
The design makes it possible to adjust
the built-in depth in 10 mm increments.
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Universal cylinders, double-acting

product image With the double-acting universal cylinder, variable work piece sizes can be processed in one fixture. Because of the design, this cylinder can be used either as a stroke cylinder or a clamping cylinder. more information

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Hollow piston cylinders with internal piston thread

product image Hollow piston cylinders are used in combination with mechanical clamping elements in hydraulic clamping fixtures as traction and pressure cylinders.

The piston has a threaded through-bore which can, for example, be used to screw in the tensile rods.
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Pull-down cylinders with reset spring

product image These cylinders are used, if the clamping force
has to be applied to the workpiece laterally.
Regarding the force application, the design
requires horizontal and vertical components
of force. The vertical force presses the
workpiece against the support.
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Locking cylinders, hydraulic without reset spring

product image The single-acting locking cylinder is suitable for
locking of movable machine tables. It is equipped
with either one or two pistons. Various locking
cylinders can be integrated into the machine
control system.
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Contact bolts for clamping elements

product image The hardened contact bolts are suitable for
single- and double-acting clamp cylinders.
They are available with different head shapes
for piston diameter from 16 mm up to 100 mm
as well as special designs.
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