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Here you will find our catalogued range of high-quality hydraulic components, coupling systems and clamping technology. We also design and manufacture special parts according your requirements. If you have questions about our products, please call a technical consultant.

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Manual couplings with safety seating

product image Manual coupling systems are used on machine
tools that operate with hydraulic jigs and fixtures
but are not equipped with a hydraulic interface
for the hydraulic oil supply of the jig pallet.
All necessary safety elements are integrated.
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Coupling elements, mechanisms/nipples, ND 3/5/8/12

product image Coupling elements are special installation parts,
which are built directly into an installation housing.
They prevent leakage when transmitting liquid or
gaseous mediums. Many designs, various sizes
and materials or installation housings are available.
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Multiple coupling systems

product image Multiple coupling systems are used in machine
tools. They serve as the interface for media
transmission between the fixture pallet and
the loading-/unloading or machining station.
Variations for depressurised coupling or
pressurised are available.
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Mounting tools for seal replacement at coupling mechanisms

product image The mounting tool enables easy replacing
the system seal of the coupling mechanisms.
These seals are subject to wear in daily
use as a result of contamination and
metal filings. The tool enhances the
service live of the coupling mechanisms.
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Automatic Coupling Mechanisms (AKM Systems)

product image If there is no coupling stroke required or possible, this coupling system can be coupled separately by
a control pressure. The gap between the coupling mechanism and coupling nipple can be
0.2 - 1.4 mm.
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