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Here you will find our catalogued range of high-quality hydraulic components, coupling systems and clamping technology. We also design and manufacture special parts according your requirements. If you have questions about our products, please call a technical consultant.

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Sequence valves, directly-controlled, ND 5

product image These valves are applied as directly-controlled
sequence valve in hydraulic clamping systems.
Inlet- and outlet pressure are identical at
sequence valves. This is what makes this
valve ideal for use in sequence controls.
Combinations are possible.
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Check valves, pilot operated

product image Hydraulic check valves are part of the
shut-off valves according to DIN ISO 1219.
They produce decompression. Before
opening the valve piston, the opening
of the unlocking piston is dampened.
Pressure surges in the load volume
are suppressed by that.
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Check valves without/with pilot control

product image These hydraulic check valves are part of the
spring loaded shut-off valves. The check
valves serve for blocking the supply line
in the application of leak-free hydraulic
cylinders in combination with low leaking
directional valves.
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Throttle check valves, manual adjustable

product image The throttle check valve belongs to the flow control
valves. It is used with single- and double-acting
loads. Herewith, it affects the volume flow.
The throttle check valve has a pipe connection
and is used up to 500 bar. It can be adjusted
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Pressure reducing valves without leack-oil connection

product image Pressure reducing valves are ideal for the
application in static leak-oil free clamping
systems which are decoupled from the
pressure generator. They maintain the
outlet pressure at the load also with variable
always higher inlet pressure constant.
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Directional valves, manual/mechanic operation, ND 4

product image Directional valves based on leak oil-free
poppet valves. The application range can
be expanded by functions with a combination
of several valves on a mounting plate e.g.
for the operation of individual clamping
spots in multiple clamping systems.
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