HYDROKOMP Technik, die verbindet
Docking systems with hydro-mechanical locking
image HYDROKOMP’s approach to this solution consisted of offering a docking system in wich the jig pallets in the loading and unloading station are not clamped by means of the clamping cones in order to absorb the coupling forces that arise. This function is undertaken by the docking system itself. more information

Hydraulic multiple rotary clamping fixture
image HYDROKOMP was commissioned as a manufacturer of hydraulic clamping elements to design this device. For this purpose a clamping concept was developed in advance, together with production planning. A rotary valve coupling is installed in the counter bearing so that only the upwardly facing side of the fixture can ever be clamped or unclamped. more information

Rotary valve coupling (hydraulics, pneumatics, water, electrical energy)
image Rotary valve couplings are used when a rotating unit is to be supplied by energy.

Only a few companies offer combination elements which transmit several forms of energy within one version.

The electrical rotary connector controls hydraulic distribution valves through which several clamping elements clamp the workpiece hydraulically.
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PA-08 Single coupling elements
image Here you can read about coupling connection blocks for robot-changing devices and about an other application example for single coupling elements:

The coupling element as a pressure oil interface for a robot’s changing tool.
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Steady bearing with integrated controlled rotary valve coupling
image Reverse clamping devices offer great advantages for the production. Besides the possibility to make multiside machining also multiple clampings can be realized (depending on the workpiece). For that, due to clamping quality and effectiveness hydraulic elements should be applied. For oil supply HYDROKOMP has developed a steady bearing which combines bearing, bearing clamping and rotary valve. more information

Two-way coupling plate
image For pressure oil transfer in the loading and unloading station the fixture plate will be supplied over two coupling elements with pressure oil.

With this coupling plate, a pressure and a tank line can be connected together. Standardized coupling elements with three, four, five, seven and eigth lines are available.
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Hydraulic interface to support the efficiency of fabrication
image Our customer Honsberg-Lamb GmbH use coupling technique by HYDROKOMP for the pressure oil supply of their fixture pallets. In the loading and unloading station the connection to the threefold-coupling is achieved by lowering the pallet. more information

Coupling elements in plastics-injection moulding tools
image An application in a two-component-plastics-injection moulding tool. To mould a workpiece from two plastics components the front tool plate is reversed by 180° between both moulding procedures. In the shown construction hydraulic hoses were used for oil supply of the hydraulic core pull. At the swinging process these have been destroyed many times and leaking hydraulic oil has caused great damage. more information

HYDROKOMP designs, manufactures and distributes hydraulic components, coupling systems and clamping technology for mechanical engineering, fixture construction, tooling and many other branches of industry also for different operating conditions.

Here are some examples from the application of our hydraulic components.

If you have questions about the applications, contact a

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