HYDROKOMP Technique that connects
CNC machinery

HYDROKOMP manufacture your milling parts and turning parts according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in one-off or serial production. Our qualified employees and our modern CNC machinery ensure high flexibility product variety and quality.
We also offer the reliable assembly of simple and complex components.

Service range of manufacturing milling and turning parts

- connection elements
- climate technology
- aluminium

Plant engineering
complete assemblies
from one provider,
steel and aluminium

Mechanical engineering
position tolerance 0,01 mm
R max. 2 µm,

- 1.4301
- 1.4305
- 1.4571
- 1.2379
- Hastelloy®

- bared
- hardened
- coated
- polished
- anodized
- browned

- 3.4366
- 3.4335
- 3.1645

- stainless steel
- 1.4301
- 1.4305

HYDROKOMP currently has 13 modern CNC-controlled turning and milling machines on a production area of
around 1,000 square meters.

Our range of services

Horizontal and vertical milling
with up to five controlled axes:

X axis 1.010 mm
Y axis 510 mm
Z axis 795 mm
B axis 734 mm
C axis 0-360°

Turning parts:

diameter up to 250 mm
length up to 700 mm

Your parts including any kind of
surface finishing
(adonisation, browning treatment etc.)

Development of problem-solving

Assembly of components

CNC machinery

Our strength - Your advantage

Flexibility in all fields
and for all requirements

Precise construction of complex parts

Manufacturing on
modern machine tools
(CNC turning and milling centers)

Top quality at a fair price